Post Consumer PP Woven Bag Washing Machine Recycling Line

post consumer PP woven bag washing machine recycling lineProject Introduction:RETECH Machinery RT Series Post-consumer PP PE film/bag washing line is mainly used to cleaning and washing the waste PE/LDPE/LLDPE agriculture soft films and PP woven/jumbo/ton bags. It is usually consist of 3 parts of following:Plastic Film Shre

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post consumer PP woven bag washing machine recycling line

Post Consumer PP Woven Bag Washing Machine Recycling Line
Project Introduction:
RETECH Machinery RT Series Post-consumer PP PE film/bag washing line is mainly used to cleaning and washing the waste PE/LDPE/LLDPE agriculture soft films and PP woven/jumbo/ton bags. It is usually consist of 3 parts of following:
Plastic Film Shredding/crushing size reduction system,
Plastic Film Friction washing/floating washing system,
Plastic Film Squeezing drying system.

Quanlity Assurance:
After processing by our high efficiency film washing units, the final plastic material will be very clean and dry.
The final moisture will be strictly controlled between 3%-5%.
Post Consumer PP Woven Bag Washing Machine Recycling Line

MaterialLDPE,LLDPE agriculture film/packaging film
Shape Film,Woven Bag 
Type Baled,Loose,Scrap,Roll
Capacity 300kg/h,500kg/h,800kg/h,1000kg/h,1500kg/h,2000kg/h

Working Flow:
Crushing Unit:
RT Series shredder/crusher machine will cut the waste baled or long belt shape film, the film flakes after cutting will be in size of 40-60mm. It is small and easy to wash for next following washing units.
Based on your material,we have different kind of crusher/shredder machines for optional.
Post Consumer PP Woven Bag Washing Machine Recycling Line

Washing Unit:
By friction washer in front of floating sinking washing tank,it is to remove the mostly dirt of sand,soil,etc which can maximum reduce the dirt come into floating tank.
The deep film washing tank with moving rollers can completely wash the film. The dirt like soil or small metal will fall down,light LDPE film will be float and send to next by film pusher.
Sometimes,the LDPE/LLDPE may have sticker with some paper/label,price tag. It needs a force washing separation device. It is called paper/plastic separation removing system.
Post Consumer PP Woven Bag Washing Machine Recycling Line

Drying Unit:
Squeezing machine with heating will remove water/moisture very easily. The final granules shape film can be ensure 3%-5% moisture.
It can be put into our pelletizing machine directly to make granules.
Post Consumer PP Woven Bag Washing Machine Recycling Line

Basic Data of "RT" Series LDPE LLDPE film washing line:
Model PowerWater ConsumptionCapacity
RFW30082kw/h4-5 t/h300kg/h
RFW500155kw/h8-10 t/h500kg/h
RFW1000230kw/h10-12 t/h1000kg/h

Washing Units Specifications:
LDPE/LLDPE Film Crusher/Grinder:
Name Technical Parameters
Motor Power37kw,55kw,90kw,132kw
Rotor Size560*800mm,620*1000mm,760*1400mm
Moving Blades10PCS,14PCS
Fixed Blades4PCS
Material of BladesD2,SKD-11
Screen Hole80mm,100mm,120mm
Capacity 300kg/h,500kg/h,1000kg/h
Function To cut the big plastic into small flakes.

PE Film Friction Washing Machine:
Name Technical Parameters
Motor Power5.5kw,11kw,15kw,22kw
Screw Diameter380mm,420mm,500mm
Thickness Blades5mm
Length 3200mm,3800mm,4500mm
Material Stainless steel 304
Screen Hole3mm
Capacity 300kg/h,500kg/h,1000kg/h
Function To remove the soil and sand/stone,working with paper separation system will strongly remove label paper.

Film Sinking-Floating Washing Separation Machine
Name Technical Parameters
Motor Power2.2kw*3
Length 4500mm,6000mm,8000mm
Width 1320mm,1600mm,2000mm
Material Stainless steel 304
Capacity 300kg/h,500kg/h,1000kg/h
Function To separate dirt and to clean film,working with chain conveyor will saving water consumption.

Film Squeezing&Centrifuge Drying Machine
Name Technical Parameters
Motor Power90kw,110kw,132kw,160kw
Gearbox 315,330
Screw Diameter300mm,320mm,350mm
Material 38CrMoA1A
Capacity 300kg/h,500kg/h,800kg/h
Function To dry and compact the LDPE film

FEATURES of LDPE/LLDPE film Washing Line:
Latest structure of crusher, ensure maximum to get 3000kg/h for LDPE film.
High efficient label/paper removing system can completely separate paper tag and plastic film.
Multiple-Channels washing tank design,best washing effect.
Squeezer application on drying, ensure moisture 3%.
High output,2000kg/h-3000kg/h

For mostly of recyclers,they will go on to making granules and blowing the film as a recycling chain.
RETECH also supply plastic film pelletizing granulation machines,just you need tell us what is the capacity you need to get,then we will send a offer quickly:

PP PE film bag compactor double stage pelletizing line:

Model Screw DiaL/DPower Capacity 
With compactor/vacuum degassing/filtration system,the granules is very loop good looking and strong.
Post Consumer PP Woven Bag Washing Machine Recycling Line

Regardless of what kind of plastics you process and what output qualities and production volumes you're striving for, RETECH Machinery will develop a recycling plant solution that is customized exactly to your requirements. With perfectly coordinated processing steps for shredding, separating and washing,we guarantee a smooth workflow that delivers a 100% clean and homogeneous output material.

We classify plastic recycling into following categories as per the materials of plastic:


Post-consumer film is a kind of plastic waste, primarily packaging, which is the result of consumption by private and commercial end consumers. These kinds of waste films are often with heavily contaminated and must be pre-sorted before being washed and regranulated.The complex processes for cleaning to these films require highly efficient washing systems that work in several steps. The new recycling solution system developed by RETECH has become established as a core component of plastic recycling plants.
KEY Product: High Speed Friction Washer


Post-industrial film refers in general to transparent plastic films with a high stretch content,which are recovered from supermarkets and other businesses scope. These soft plastic films are often contaminated with organic matter and paper labels, which must be removed and separated in a complex procedure. Drying thin stretch wrap poses a special challenge and is handled efficiently by a squeezing dryer from RETECH'sp squeezer Dryer.The goal is to produce a granulate for subsequent extrusion that is as transparent as possible and free of contaminants, with the same market quality as new material.
KEY Product: Squeezing Machine Dryer


HDPE bottles are pre-sorted and compacted and usually handled as baled material by baler. The purity of these pre-sorted waste fractions varies significantly from one country or region to another. The washing system can be streamlined to accommodate the intended application of the reprocessed plastic. For example, by implementing RETECH's Hot-Wash-System, the output material is of such high quality that it can replace primary plastic - the prerequisite for a true circular economy.
Key Product: Hot Wash Tank


These are plastics such as mono fractions and mixed plastics recovered from commercial waste or kerbside waste collection. The pre-shredders from RETECH's RS series are sturdy machines that are resistant to foreign objects and obstructions and reliably reduce the feed material to the defined grain size. The separation technology is of special importance to the washing process. Here the plastic with a density of > 1 g/cm³ is separated from the PO fractions using various different methods. Alongside its tried-and-tested sink-float method, our RETECH WASHTECH also offers hydrocyclone separation technology.
KEY PRODUCT:Sorting Separation Machine


One particular recycling challenge is posed by PP big bags, as they often contain unidentified foreign matter. Such abrasive residual matter as sand, glass or ceramics can increase wear and tear on the cutting unit. In order to guarantee uninterrupted operations with high throughput despite the additional stress on the machine, we offer special wear & spare part packages. This way, you can react quickly if a part needs changing and keep production downtime to a minimum.
PP big bag is full of strong power to cut especially on belt. Usually it needs a strong power shredder, RETECH new technology on crusher can be replance the original shredder.It is adapt to PP woven/PP big bag.
Key Product:Heavy Duty Crusher


LDPE Agricultural film refers to a wide range of foils from the agricultural sector, for example mulching films, agricultural stretch films (bale wrap film), silage foil and sheeting as well as greenhouse films. Particularly the heavily contaminated, thin mulching films and agricultural stretch films require extremely thorough washing and drying, which makes the recycling of these materials very difficult and complex. Here is where the technological know-how and experience of RETECH WASHTECH really pays off. We have supplied many clients from all over the world with machines for this application - tailored to sometimes highly specialised customer requirements.
Key Product:Floating Washing Tank

Order flowing process of PP washing line:

Customer requirements Scheme designed confirmed by customers order fixed manufacturing trial running in our factory confirmed by customers shipped engineer available overseas whole life after sales services

Q&A about recycling machines:

1. What is the function of the PE PP film washing recycling machines?
The PE PP film washing recycling machinery is used to recycle and process the PE agriculture film, PE bags, shopping bags, beverage bags, PP woven bags, and some other soft material etc…
2. Where does it collect the waste material for the PE PP film washing recycling machines? 
The waste mater is gotten mainly from agriculture film, city rubbish and plant in bale package or separated. They are with much dirties, such as the earth, soil, sand, stone, glue, grass, oil, and some other dirties. 
But by our many years experience to manufacture the washing line, we can promise to wash the material clean enough to take the washed material into the extruder to make granules. We have our special design to guarantee this point. 
3. What are main parts of the PE PP film washing recycling machines?
The following is a standard structure of the PE PP film washing recycling machinery:
Belt conveyer--- crusher with water--- screw conveyer--- floating washer--- screw conveyer--- high speed friction washer--- high speed friction washer--- screw conveyer--- horizontal centrifugal dewatering machine (or squeezer)--- drying system 1--- transition hopper--- drying system 2--- storage silo--- operating panel 
The up is a standard structure of the line, we can adjust it to remove some parts or add some parts due to the situation of the material or customers' requirements.
4. What capacity of the PE PP film washing recycling machinery?

300-1000kg/h for single washing line
5. What power of the PE PP film washing recycling machines?

6. How much water does it need of the PE PP film washing recycling machines?

3~8T per hour 
7. How large space does it need for a PE PP film washing recycling machines?
100~400 square meters, the whole line could be installed by straight, "L" shape or "U" shape. We could design how to instal the machines due to the space of your factory. 
8. What is the condition of the final products from the PE PP film washing recycling machines? 
The size of final flakes will be 50~100mm, and final moisture level of film flakes will be lower than 5%. 
The PP PE flakes can be taken directly to the granulating/pelletizing line to make granules/pellets.
9. What is material of the PE PP film washing recycling machines?

The parts contacted with water are made of stainless steel SUS 304 or customized. 
10. What certifications do you have for the PE PP film washing recycling machines?

We have CE and ISO9001 certification for the entire PE PP film washing recycling machines. 


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