Reborn announces France's first PE film deinking line | Waste Management World

2021-12-06 14:04:38 By : Mr. Wen Dan

The Reborn Group is launching the first plastic film deinking line in France. This technology can recycle 4,000 tons of polyethylene (PE) film per year.

Reborn, a French specialist in recycling flexible plastic packaging, is installing a deinking line at its factory in Ogeu-les-Bains for "excessive recycling" of printed consumer film. 3 million euros have been invested in the installation of this industrial equipment called B.Clear, which will enable the group to recycle no less than 4,000 tons of polyethylene (PE) film each year, with an estimated recycling potential of 100,000 tons in Europe. According to the company, this will be the third installation of such equipment in Europe and the first installation of such equipment in France.

Due to their opacity, printing inks can interfere with the manufacture of transparent secondary materials, and even cause plastic films to be "downgraded" into garbage bags, thus hindering the establishment of a circular economy. But Reborn intends to change this situation with its innovative device, which overcomes the barriers of printing inks to produce transparent secondary materials from printed plastic films.

With its B.Clear technology, flexible film suppliers claim to be able to produce transparent, high value-added secondary materials and manufacture high-quality recycled films. The deinking line will also "increase the collection of post-consumer, industrial and commercial waste by 30%, and increase the production of secondary materials. This will enable us to achieve our goal of 35,000 tons of recycled plastic film by 2025," said Reborn Group President Arthur Lepage currently works with companies such as Lactalis, Coca-Cola, InBev and Unilever.

The second deinking production line is scheduled to be completed in 2022 at one of the other Reborn plants in France. "Our goal is to position ourselves as a pioneer in the circular economy and show the future of the French recycling industry," Arthur Lepage concluded.

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