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2021-11-13 02:19:14 By : Mr. Hong Fan

Essentium's HSE 240 HT dual extruder system. 

Essentium announced the launch of a new high-speed extrusion (HSE) 240 HT dual extruder 3D printing system, which will debut on Formnext in November.

After Essentium launched the HSE 280i HT platform in April, it further strengthened the company's extrusion-based 3D printing product portfolio, which also includes the HSE 180 series.

Essentium designed the HSE 240 HT dual extruder to support the production of parts small enough to be installed in small and medium-sized factory spaces and university laboratories. Essentium's latest machine measures 1168 mm wide x 795 mm deep x 1687 mm high and is described as a "compact power unit" that enables "cost-effective additive manufacturing production."

The main features of the HSE 240 HT dual extruder system include its single and double extrusion print heads, automatic consumable switching function that helps reduce downtime, and three printing modes. The machine is supported by Essentium's wide range of material combinations-including TPU, PEKK, PEEK and high-temperature nylon filaments-but as an open material combination, users can also choose printing materials flexibly. With these features, Essentium believes that the machine will be able to meet the needs of a range of industries, including aerospace, defense and automotive.

Dr. Blake Teipel, CEO of Essentium, commented: “Whether manufacturers create disposable fixtures or expand their entire production scale, they need AM solutions to eliminate the complexity of traditional manufacturing and save costs by orders of magnitude, while accelerating time to market. ". "The small and powerful Essentium HSE 240 HT dual extruder 3D printer is designed to help manufacturers cope with the challenges of space constraints, and they rely on Essentium's speed, scale and economy to enjoy transformative AM opportunities."

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