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Name: Plastic Sheet Extruder, Plastic Extruder, Plastic Extruding Machine, Plastic Machine.Model: CX1000Features:Single screw sheet extruderPlastic extrusion speedImportant by the extruder material handling and homogenizing viscous fluid flow rate segment analysis, the plastic flow rat

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Name: Plastic Sheet Extruder, Plastic Extruder, Plastic Extruding Machine, Plastic Machine.

Model: CX1000


Single screw sheet extruder

Plastic extrusion speed
Important by the extruder material handling and homogenizing viscous fluid flow rate segment analysis, the plastic flow rate (ie extrusion speed) and the screw speed is proportional since the convenient adjustment screw speed characterize the extrusion speed of the extrusion process operating variables. Thus, in general, improve the modern extruder screw speed is to increase production capacity, an important means to achieve high-speed extrusion. But analysis showed that the length of the molten plastic, screw speed increases, on the one hand due to enhanced shear, so that the viscous dissipation of heat increases; on the other hand, in the absence of head pressure control, the screw speed increases, the flow rate increases, the material in the machine stays shortened. And the impact of the latter than the former, due to the extended length of the melt homogenization section and disrupt the normal extrusion process. So when you need to increase the screw speed to increase the extrusion rate, it must also increase the heating temperature or the use of head pressure control to achieve the purpose.
Plastic extrusion speed or quality of plastics and plastic materials and the use of temperature control related to all kinds of plastic plasticizing temperature vary. If you want to quickly extruded plastic, only material quality, appropriate temperature, can be achieved. In addition, the extrusion speed and extrusion thickness is closely related to the normal extrusion process, a large amount of plastic extrusion slow; on the contrary, the extrusion rate soon, under the premise of guaranteeing quality, may be appropriate to increase the extrusion rate .

Third, the pulling speedExtruded Products by the traction device is dragging through the nose in order to ensure product quality, uniformity and stability requirements for towing speed, coordination and screw speed, in order to ensure uniformity of thickness and extrusion products diameter. If traction speed is unstable, easy to form extruded layer bamboo-like, while pulling out of large thickness is too slow, and a bulk or empty plastic pipe phenomenon; traction too fast, easily lead to pull out of thin attenuation, even unglued package leakage phenomenon. So the normal extrusion process, we must control the pulling speed.

Fourth, coolingPlastic extrusion molding process of the cooling system is also very important one. Generally divided into screw cooling body cooling, and the cooling of the product.
1. cooled screw
Screw the cooling effect is to eliminate friction overheating, stable extrusion pressure to plastic stir, improve the quality of plastics. But its use must be appropriate, especially not over even otherwise, the barrel suddenly cooled plastic melt can lead to serious accidents. The screw is cooled prior to extrusion is absolutely prohibited, or will lead to serious equipment accident.

2.The cooling effect of the cooling body is to increase the barrel body heat, thereby overcoming the frictional heating of the hot forming, because the temperature rise during the extrusion process, even after removal of the heating power can not be stopped, so that a reasonable the temperature can not be maintained long term, we must increase the heat, leaving the barrel to cool down in order to maintain the extrusion process of thermal equilibrium. Segmented body cooling is carried out, mainly in the main cooling fan, taking into account the different functions of each section of the fuselage of homogenised cooled using segments with particular attention.

3. Product cooling products an important measure to ensure that products are cooling geometry and internal structure. Plastic extruded layer after leaving the nose, should be cooled immediately, otherwise it will be deformed by gravity. For PVC and other non-crystalline material can not consider the problem of crystallization, plastic products can be quenching method, direct cooling water to the cooling water tank through the cold, no deformation. The cooling of the polyethylene, polypropylene and other crystalline polymers, crystallization should take into account the problems, if the quenching method, will adversely affect plastic tissue, resulting in stress, which is leading products of the future generation of cracks one of the reasons, we must take it seriously in the extrusion process; polyethylene, polypropylene and other crystalline plastics extruded layer suitably gradual cooling method for cooling a heated, generally depending on the equipment auxiliary facilities, depending on the cooling tank should be divided segmented, water temperature can be extruded plastic layer into the first stage tank 75 ºC ~ 85 ºC temperature begins, paragraph by paragraph, to reduce the water temperature, until the room temperature, the temperature difference between the temperature of each section of the smaller and more reasonable. Fifth, the technical requirements of the extrusion process.

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