• Yes, UNF recycles … sort of – UNF Spinnaker

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    Carter Mudgett, Editor in Chief October 6, 2022

    ‘Reduce, reuse, recycle’ — a simple three-word phrase — has been drilled into Americans’ heads practically since birth, but the widely-known third pillar of sustainability efforts isn’t as simple as it once was.  

  • Trailing of the Sheep Fest Pairs with Teenagers to Recycle Waste at Fest

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     The Trailing of the Sheep Festival, which runs through Sunday, Oct. 9, is teaming up with the Environmental Resource Center (ERC) and local students in Wood River High School’s WATER Club to provide recycling and composting at Festival venues throughout the Wood River Valley.

  • Coffee up: Scientists tackle EV battery recycling with less waste

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    A process used to extract caffeine from coffee beans could help to recycle EV batteries using less chemicals and leaving less secondary waste, new research says.

    Whilst the growing electric vehicle market promises to significantly reduce transport-related carbon emissions, there is much

  • Check out these 5 companies recycling the EV batteries-

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    The electric vehicle industry is rising at a rapid pace and we are thrilled to know that mother nature should be benefitted from that. But the emerging industry to has a lot of e-waste to dispose of, which might hamper the entire idea of sustainable living. Batteries are the most essential mat

  • Davao builds coastal recycling facility | The Manila Times

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    DAVAO CITY: A P5 million material recycling facility (MRF) that will process plastic waste and bottles collected from coastal areas will be built in the city.

    The project is the initiative of the Davao City Bantay Dagat Association, in partnership with the UN-Habitat Healthy Oceans and C

  • Sharing the wealth | Plastics News

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    Mergers and acquisitions are always top news items for Plastics News, but the payout to owners and executives don't typically trickle down to line workers.

    Minnesota Rubber and Plastics is the exception.

    The plastics, rubber and LSR molder based in Plymouth, Minn., has announced a

  • EV Tax Credits Fund Income Inequality, Environmental Harm | RealClearEnergy

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    The federal government is a perpetual gravy train for the well-off. It uses taxpayer money to forgive the Paycheck Protection loans of the connected and the student debt of college and graduate students. It gives $52 billion in subsidies to the $528 billion semiconductor industry. Recently, it

  • Lithium-ion Battery Market Analysis - EIN Presswire

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    There were 1,109 press releases posted in the last 24 hours and 259,637 in the last 365 days.

    The lithium-ion battery market continues to grow in popularity, with electric vehicles and the need for better energy storage solutions driving its demand.

    Brendan McMahon

  • Global company looks to recycling in ESG push - Resource Recycling

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    Leaders with Hillenbrand discussed the company’s ESG efforts, including a recycling equipment manufacturer acquisition. | d.ee_angelo/Shutterstock

    Sustainability and environmental, social and governance plans are typically multifaceted, but a recent acquisition by Hillenbrand broug

  • Shareholders of food industry giant push to reduce plastic use - Plastics Recycling Update

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    General Mills shareholders have voted to ask the company to report on if and how the company can reduce plastic packaging. | melissamn/Shutterstock

    A majority of General Mills investors voted in favor of a proposal asking the company to reduce its use of plastic packaging and issue a re