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2021-11-13 02:19:48 By : Mr. Grant Liu

0917 Lifestyle Sustainability Shirts are made of 60% cotton and 40% RPET, which is equivalent to about four to six one-liter plastic bottles; while handbags use 100% recycled plastic bottles or exactly three one-liter bottles. The radical city brand 0917 Lifestyle of Globe has joined the fight against single-use plastics by cooperating with the Philippine social enterprise Revolve. The partnership has now launched a product line that uses recycled four-plant polyethylene (RPET) bottles to help reduce hazardous plastic waste in the environment.

Revolve uses RPET bottles to produce corporate goods and has supported various sustainability plans and environmental initiatives of this giant telecommunications company in the past. RPET uses old plastic materials, usually plastic bottles, and extracts the core PET components, which can be turned into reusable textiles.

The landmark collaboration of 0917 Lifestyle's sustainable development program integrates innovative uses of RPET materials into its products, such as T-shirts and handbags.

0917 Lifestyle Sustainability Shirt is a specially recycled custom unisex shirt, made of 60% cotton and 40% RPET, which is equivalent to about four to six 1 liter plastic bottles. The tote bag is made of 100% recycled plastic bottles, which is exactly the equivalent of three one-liter bottles.

The launch of 0917 Lifestyle's sustainable development series is one of the latest initiatives of Globe's sustainable development-related strategic plan.

"Our motivation for creating a better planet includes various environmental initiatives-from conservation to protection, to ensure that we live responsibly and maintain a livable planet for future generations," Globe Chief Sustainability Officer and Senior Vice President of Corporate Communications Yoly Crisanto shared.

Globe has always been a staunch supporter of the movement against single-use plastics. In 2019, Globe opposed the proliferation of this material by banning the use of plastic spoons, forks, straws and cups at its headquarters. This is part of the Wassup ("Wag Sa Single-use Plastic") program, which aims to educate employees about the harmful effects of plastics on the environment and human health.

Globe also commissioned Green Antz Builders, Inc. to properly dispose and dispose of plastic waste on its company premises. It even bought a plastic shredder to ensure that all remaining single-use plastics are treated responsibly before being handed over to Green Antz and used as part of ecological bricks and pavers to build schools and garden paths.

In order to further reduce waste generation in the company's office, Globe also hired the Philippines Night Vending Expert Company (VEND Phils. Inc.) to develop the country's first vending machine that uses non-cash and contactless transactions. The innovative vending machine integrates Globe's sustainable development activities. If customers choose to use mugs instead of disposable paper cups, they can offer P1 discounts for their transactions.

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